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Relive Conversations Club of Rome 2023

During 2023, we will celebrate 2 new meetings of the Cycle where, together with recognized and prominent leaders of global critical environmentalism, we continue to reflect on the causes of the socio-environmental crisis but, above all, we continue to build alternative perspectives that allow us to glimpse a more hopeful horizon. 

This year the Cycle had the support of Patronage program of the Ministry of Culture of the City, allowing us to strengthen communication, the call and this transnational network that is building new perspectives in dialogue and committing us to the paradigm shift that the solution to this unprecedented crisis demands.

The first meeting of the year - and fifth meeting of the Cycle - was attended by

For the second meeting in 2023, we had the pleasure of having the presence of Ing. Carlos Álvarez Pereira, current Vice President of the Club of Rome International and one of the authors of report “Limits and beyond: 50 years after The Limits to Growth, what have we learned and what comes next?”, released in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the publication The Limits to Growth. The report addresses why we have not developed human equity on a healthy planet, what directions we have taken and what other paths, possible but not yet explored, await us to achieve that new civilization of which we dream.

In addition, each meeting was attended by hundreds of attendees, who enjoyed the lectures and participated in the debates. 

We invite you to relive the meetings in< /span> our YouTube channel!

We meet again in 2024!





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