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Together with FedEx we planted 43 new native trees in the Munro neighborhood, in Buenos Aires.

Together with FedEx we planted 43 specimens of native trees, which was carried out within the framework of a pilot project that we promoted together with One Tree Planted and the Municipality of Vicente López during 2023. < /p>

These trees join 42 other specimens that we planted last June -adding 85 in total!-, within the framework of a project that aims to strengthen urban trees with native plants as a mitigation and adaptation strategy to climate change, and contemplates not only the planting of trees, but also their irrigation and monitoring for 3 years.

This initiative is one of 49 that One Tree Planted is supporting around the world as part of its Urban Forest Action Fund 2023. This portfolio of high-impact urban tree projects aims to address urban heat, air pollution and the lack of green spaces, among other problems, by planting trees in the communities where the most are needed.

13 volunteers from FedEx Cares participated in the day and planted 43 specimens including curupíes, tarumás, palosyellows and fumos bravos. The project includes irrigation and monitoring of the planted specimens for 3 years, working in synergy with the Municipality of Vicente López, to guarantee the care and growth of the trees.

Argentina lost 7 million hectares of native forests in the last 25 years, a degradation process that exacerbates the impacts of climate change. In cities, this translates into heat waves, extreme rainfall and increasingly intense and frequent flooding. One way to adapt to the effects and mitigate their causes is to enrich public spaces with native trees and plants that, in addition to capturing and storingCO₂, help reduce environmental temperatures by several degrees while strengthening urban spaces and biodiversity.

“At FedEx, we are committed to connecting people with possibilities around the world, helping the communities we serve so they can thrive,” said Silvina Prette, Senior Operations Manager for FedEx Express Argentina. “We are passionate about the protection of our natural resources and habitat, and we are proud to collaborate with Club de Roma Argentina, incorporating native species to the trees of Vicente López, in Buenos Aires, and promoting biodiversity for the benefit of the community,” he added.< /p>

Thank you to all the FedEx Cares volunteers, and to all the neighbors who joined in planting and caring for the trees!

See the plantation on our interactive map here.

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