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Refaunar is a conservation program that we promote from the Club of Rome together with La Ciudad Posible and other organizations with the purpose of protecting, rescuing and reintroducing native fauna in situations of vulnerability or risk in Puerto Madryn and the

northeast of Chubut.

Every year, more than 2,000 right whales, 600,000 Magellanic penguins and thousands of sea lions, dolphins and seabirds arrive on these Patagonian coasts as part of their migratory cycles. Inland, the steppe and the mountains shelter guanacos, pumas, foxes, birds, reptiles and rodents, which make the vast expanses of the plateaus a wonderful place. This natural spectacle of wild wildlife is one of the most important engines of the regional economy, and more than 4,000 families depend directly on this industry in Puerto Madryn.

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However, human activities expose native fauna to risk situations. For starters, more than 12 million tons of waste end up in the world's oceans every year, and more than 100,000 birds and mammals die each year due to ingesting plastics (WWF). Plastic and fishing industry waste affects all marine life. At the same time, the expansion of urban and productive borders, illegal hunting, the degradation of their habitats, petism and pollution generate great risks for the survival of many species in danger of extinction and are causing the defaunation of natural areas. from Patagonia.

For this reason, the program seeks to contribute to preserving wildlife and rewilding - repopulating with native species - the natural areas of the region.

Our team of professionals works from a systemic approach, with the purpose of regenerating nature and the ecosystem services that allow life to be sustained.

Our work includes restoration of degraded areas, actions with communities, restorative economies, carbon neutrality, circular economy, regenerative tourism, urban resilience, water management, circular food and renewable energy.

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