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We work together with companies and public and private institutions - national and international - to make concrete ideas and projects come true that enable Ecosystem Development in the territories.

If you want to support us or have us develop a project together,
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Ford Argentina

Since 2012, we have worked together with Ford Argentina on works to provide access to safe water and the development of biosystems, incorporating biodigesters and solar collectors, in schools and rural communities in different provinces of Argentina. Also, we carry out afforestation projects, highlighting the assembly of a microforest with native species at its plant in Pacheco, Buenos Aires. In addition, we hold talks on environmental issues with the company's collaborators.

Fundación YPF

Together with the YPF Foundation, we carried out the design and development of the training plan in territorial ecosystem development and circular economy for Patagonian municipalities with a presence in the energy sector.


Together with YPF Luz, we have been promoting the Planting for the Future program since 2021, which aims to highlight the ecosystem importance of native trees, and promote strategies for their correct planting, care and conservation through training and tutoring. The purpose of the Training Cycles for officials and technicians is to strengthen the local capacities of officials and technicians, provide technical assistance in the design of afforestation projects and introduction of native species into urban trees, and develop participatory afforestation actions. Additionally, within the framework of Tree Week, they collaborated with the planting of natives in the Toyota Reserve located in Zárate.


We have more than 2,400 natives. Together with HSBC, we will plant more than 1,400 native trees in 2021 in the provinces of Buenos Aires, Neuquén, Tucumán, Río Negro and Salta, to which will be added the more than 2,000 native trees that we will plant in 2022, in different places in the country. within the framework of the company's current commitment to convert its operations and value chain to achieve net zero emissions by 2030 and support new climate solutions.


Since 2010, we have worked together with Accenture volunteers to carry out coastal cleanups, tree plantations within the framework of Tree Week, and socio-environmental projects in vulnerable areas of the country.


During 2022, together with McCain, we will be developing a microforest with more than 200 specimens of native species and instances of participatory design with the company's collaborators and the community on the property where its production plant is located, in Balcarce.