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Together with HSBC we planted 60 native specimens

In a new example of their commitment to the conservation of the environment and biodiversity, volunteers from HSBCHSBC joined together with our project Tree Week to carry out a new planting day last September 28 in Escobar, province of Buenos Aires.

During this activity, a total of 60 specimens of native trees were planted, including 10 specimens of tarumá, 10 of espinillos, 10 of hooves, 10 of aguaribay, 5 mountain lemon verbena, 5 bull's blood, 5 lantanas and 5 mallows. All native species that play an important role in the preservation of local ecosystems.

These actions add to the continuous efforts of HSBC, with whom since 2022 we have already planted more than 2,000 natives throughout the country.

Thank you HSBC for reaffirming your commitment to sustainability and environmental protection, promoting the importance of planting life as a significant contribution to the conservation of our planet.

Let's continue Planting Life!



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