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World Water Day: How to make efficient use of the resource to produce food?

On March 22, on World Water Day, together with the Professional Council of Economic Sciences of C.A.B.A. and Expanding Voices, we developed a hydroponics workshop to share the implementation of hydroponics systems in our socio-environmental projects, as well as, provide all the tools to get started in the world of hydroponics.

In Argentina, more than 5 million people live without access to water and more than 10 without adequate sanitation (WHO/PAHO). In turn, only 6% of the population covers the minimum recommendation of 400 g/day for fresh fruits or vegetables (National Risk Factor Survey). Hydroponics thus stands as a promising form of healthy food production - especially in the urban areas, where the place is reduced, due to its efficient use of water resources.

Milagros Sánchez, member of the executive team of the Club de Roma, presented the work carried out in the informal neighborhoods of Villa 15 and Villa 21-24 of C.A.B.A. in which hydroponics systems were incorporated in community canteens, within the framework of the Urban Biosystems project. In addition, he alluded to the initial steps to develop a homey hydroponic orchard, presenting the different productive subsystems and possibilities of application.

To relive the activity, we share the recording of the meeting:



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