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UNRaf launched the third edition of the Diploma in Ecosystem Development and Circular Economy

The National University of Rafaela opened the entries for the third edition of the Diplomacy in Ecosystem Development and Circular Economics, directed by Mr. Gonzalo del Castillo, Executive Director of the Argentine Chapter of the Club of Rome and Alejandro Jurado, Director of the Possible City.

As evidenced by the current socio-environmental crisis and its corollaries, the current development model is not sustainable. Cities are one of the main causes of the crisis - population concentration, exacerbated consumption, gas emissions, etc. - and the main ones affected by it. In this sense, thinking about alternatives is imperative.

The postulates of Circular Economy and Ecosystem Development present options and possible examples for building a model of restorative and regenerative growth, with great opportunities to be applied in the design, management and development of cities, allowing us to approach the ideal of living in truly sustainable cities.

The diploma course offers conceptual frameworks and practical tools that allow us to think of a new model of development that, while increasing resilience and value generation in human societies, collaborate in the regeneration of natural ecosystems – and in all life that is their own – impacted by the human being.

Over 21 meetings, the course analyzes the causes and effects of the current socio-environmental crisis, presenting different innovative solutions to rethink urban development with its different strategic socio-productive sectors.

The course mode is virtual, using the B-Learning system and registration will be open until May 5.

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