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Together with Salesforce we continue working for environmental regeneration and the care of life. 

In the framework of articulated work With Salesforce, with whom we have already planted more than 100 trees in 2023, we shared a day of volunteering in the Refaunar program. 

On Monday, December 4, along with a group of 18 Salesforce employees, we lived a volunteer experience to learn up close how the Refaunar program works and its impact on the protection of native fauna. < /p>

We make an introduction to the foot of the dunes, on the beach, and a walk to the Luis Piedrabuena Pier, during which we collected waste that we found and took the opportunity to discover some of the species that live in this region.

On the dock, volunteers participated in the fauna monitoring activity carried out periodically by REFAUNAR in ports. We made a special stop to observe the sea lions that use the docks as a resting place, to learn about the characteristics of the species, what difficulties they face and what particular details we observed during the monitoring.

Thank you for Rafaunar with us!




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