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Thank you Terrafertil for the donation of soil and substrate!

Terrafertil made soil and substrate donation to the Model and Vivero Biosystem of Native Plants that will allow to multiply native planting actions for afforestation and reforestation within the framework of the Week of the Tree campaign and the #1MillonDeÁrboles initiative

The Biosystem Model and Vivero of Native Plants developed by the Club of Rome is located in the party of Escobar, province of Buenos Aires. It is an educational and productive project in which different technologies and processes for the production of native trees and organic foods are articulated in a circular manner.

The project is part of the research and development of alternative modes of production and consumption, which minimize or eliminate the generation of waste not assimilable by natural systems, which has been carried out for several years since the Foundation.

In this project, the aim is to generate a space for the production of trees, shrubs, food and energy in which, by applying an ecosystem and circular approach to all the processes involved, the diversification of life and its intrinsic value is obtained as the main indicator of success. All the production of native trees and shrubs of the biosystem nursery are destined for donations or afforestation actions under the Tree Week campaign.

As part of Terrafertil's accompaniment to the campaign, Héctor Svartz will be sharing on April 23rd a specific webinar on "Native trees and soil growth vs. substrate" in the Webinar cycle of million trees.

We invite you to visit the Terrafertil page to learn about its products, with its various uses for production and care in gardens as in intensive crops:

If you want to know more about the project, or make a donation we write to



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