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Known our actions in 2022

In the midst of a panorama that could be described as hopeless, we continue to bet on changing the course of history, promoting various projects on environmental regeneration and ecosystem development.

Although the effects of an unprecedented socio-environmental crisis are growing and worsening, so is the awareness of this global problem that is already on every agenda, and so is the work we do at the Club of Rome Foundation.

There are more and more municipalities, companies, organizations, clubs, schools and people interested in committing to be part of the solution and we hope to be even more in 2023. For this reason, although it is still not enough, our work grows year by year.

Within the framework of our Tree Week campaign, we planted more than 4,000 trees in different provinces of the country and in coordination with various actors such as municipalities, clubs, companies, schools, botanical gardens and reserves. We also train more than 3,500 people in webinars, courses, and technical training that we provide to citizens and municipalities.

From the Sustainability Center - CeSus we offered seminars and workshops on energy efficiency and renewable energy for the commercial and industrial sector and energy efficiency and renewable energy for residents of the Municipality of Vicente López. The IV edition of the virtual course Biomimicry as a design methodology was also held, as well as two editions of the workshop on edible mushrooms from household waste and the entrepreneurship workshop on edible mushrooms

Together with volunteers from companies, we carry out coastal cleaning, raising awareness about the problem of waste, the need to reduce consumption and make a correct disposal.

We designed and developed, with the support of Ford Argentina, 4 new biosystems and water access works together with the schools and rural communities of Vaca Human, Chira and Campo de Cejas in the Department of Salavina, Santiago del Estero and Rivadavia Banda Sur, Salta.

We held 2 meetings of the Club of Rome Conversations Cycle with Dr. Antonio Turiel, on Petrocalypse and the future of energy, and another that convened a panel with prominent references to debate under the title Collapse or Sustainability? 50 years from the Limits and Stockholm.

We present two publications that bring together the experiences shared during the Biocorredores and Local Tourism Cycle and We Plant for the Future, a training program for municipalities from different provinces that we promote together with YPF Luz.

We work with 20 companies - some with which we have already been following a path and others that joined this year - in different actions and projects to accompany and concretize their environmental commitments assumed in 2022 in view of the 2030 agenda.

Among other actions and projects that you can find on our website.

May 2023 find us working together! Happy Holidays.



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