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Forestation project with natives at a new Las Grutas Retirement Center

Last Friday, April 2, Elizabeth Fogwill, Vice Director of the Club Foundation of Rome Argentine Chapter and Coordinator of the Week of the Tree Campaign, He accompanied the technical teams of the Secretariat for Environment and Climate Change on a visit to the future headquarters of the Center for Retired Persons of Las Grutas, within the framework of the Environmental Education Program of the Secretariat.

Also present were the mayor of the municipality of San Antonio, Dr. Adrián Casadei, accompanied by the General Secretariat for Institutional Coordination, Marcela Rossio, the President of the Environmental Conservation Agency in the Bay of San Antonio, Oscar Echeverria, and the Municipal Delegate of Las Grutas, Nicolás Carassale.

From Tree Week, technical support was given to the project for the parquization of the future headquarters, in which an afforestation project will be carried out, prioritizing the use of native species and will also work. an environmental education space for the value of native species open to the community. During the visit, the first 5 specimens were donated and planted: Two Chañares, 2 Jacarandá and 1 sesbania.

Mr. Dina Migani, Secretary of Environment and Climate Change of Rio Negro, welcomed and thanked the initiative of the Grutas Retirement Center, the presence of Dr. Adrian Casadei and his municipal portfolio, The predisposition and commitment to establish a joint working relationship and to unify efforts on the path of environmental conservation, the recovery of our ecosystems and the fight against climate change and, in particular, the indispensable support of the Club of Rome Foundation on this path.



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