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Ecosystemic Development: an alternative approach to rethink development

The abysmal ecosystemic crisis demands to take concrete, urgent, and unpostponable measures. There is no doubt. But also, in the same measure, it requires to make a critic and profound discernment exercise to amplify the debate and add alternative outlooks that will allow us to delve into the ultimate, philosophical-conceptual based causes, which brought us to the present course to, from there, raise solutions founded in new rationalities and worldviews.

To do so, we invite you to relive the webinar “Beyond Sustainability” -organized by Creando Conciencia- in which, together with Gonzalo del Castillo -Executive Director of Club de Roma Argentina-, we shared our ideas regarding the Ecosystemic Development, as an alternative option to rethink and problematize the deep causes of the present climatic and ecosystemic crisis.

How do we understand the nature that surrounds us? How are we taught in school what nature is? How do we think about water, earth, wetlands, and animals? Which are our success indicators? Which are the values that reign our society? Under which principles are our present rationality founded? Why, despite having such a quantity of knowledge and scientific certainties about the current scenario, we can´t revert the destruction path in which we are sunk? What can we learn from nature -and from ourselves- to revert this course?

These are just only a few of the questions we shared in this discussion, and are the same that, daily, we make ourselves in order to rethink, in our actions, the becoming of the human being in the world.

To continue with the reflective process about the present, we share with you the invitation to the Series of Conversations Club de Roma, which will start next September 23rd. In our first encounter, we will address, together with Dr. Óscar Carpintero, the importance of ecological economics to rethink the development model, within the framework of the ecosystemic crisis and the approaching of a new Conference of the Parties (COP 26) on Climate Change.



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