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CeSus: a formation space to contribute to ecosystemic logic and development

The Center of Sustainability for Local Governments (CeSus) is a training and advisory center in ecosystem sustainability and development for local governments and public and private institutions. It was created in 2016 through an institutional articulation between the Club de Roma Argentina, the Argentine Water and Youth Movement and the Argentine Federation of Municipalities. From the year 2018, the City Possible (company B certified) is incorporated.

From the Sustainability Center we seek to bring together technical and political officials, referents of public and private institutions, and interested citizens in general, high-level technical training, with all theoretical and practical tools to facilitate the design, planning and development of actions, public strategies and policies that guarantee environmental care and the promotion of true local ecosystem development.

To carry out this task, CeSus has the most outstanding team of professionals at national and international level, guaranteeing a level of excellence in the training of the participants, with access to the latest studies and knowledge, technologies, programs and projects being developed in Argentina and the world.

In its beginnings, CeSus focused mainly on face-to-face training at its headquarters in Chacarita, C.A.B.A., located in the Co-Working area “La Aldea” on Av. Chorroarín 905, but given the global context of the CoVID-19 pandemic, it transitioned to a virtual format, Expanding the scope at the national and international levels, with students from different Argentine provinces, and from Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Italy, Spain, among other countries.

“In the framework of a world deeply experienced by an impending ecosystem crisis, we intend from the Center to erect new ways of thinking our societies and professional skills to contribute to a logic of regenerative development,” showed Milagros Sánchez, co-coordinator of CeSus. She adds that, in this sense, it is characterized by developing workshops, courses and programs in innovative themes and based on solutions in nature and in the Circular Economy, to contribute to the increase of green jobs throughout the country and region.

Since its creation, it has developed training for more than 400 local government officials from all over the country - in face-to-face and/or virtual format - addressing various themes associated with local government environmental management: Climate change; integral waste management; urban woodwork; green spaces; sustainable construction; renewable energy; etc..

At the same time, it carries out a specific line of training linked to the generation and strengthening of so-called green jobs, with the aim of providing relevant and quality skills to address - on the part of workers - migration to new sustainable models that accompany, in turn, the process of transformation in the labor market.

CeSus, in turn, stands out in its service offering for consulting and customized programs for companies and local governments, designed and developed according to the real and specific needs of each municipality, company, organization.

It also accompanies, with part of its teaching staff, the development of the diploma in “Ecosystem Development and Circular Economics”, which this year passes its third edition at the National University of Rafaela - UNRaf (Rafaela, Santa Fe). The first edition of the Diplomacy in Ecosystem Development and Circular Economics was developed in 2019 in conjunction with CAECE University, With the aim of designing and providing theoretical and practical tools for the construction of an ecosystem development paradigm by promoting projects inspired by the circular economy and the consequent transformation of current patterns of production and consumption. This diploma was then replicated at UNRaf virtually in the years 2020 and 2021.

In short, from the development of theoretical concepts to their dissemination in training and application in concrete projects and consultancy, CeSus stands as an innovation center committed to new development logic that results in socio-ecosystem regeneration.

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