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Biosystems Network: example of resilience, autonomy and sustainability

We close the year as we opened it, visiting communities, accompanying ongoing projects and doing what we do best: planning for hope and building a better future with others.

2023 was a year of great growth for the Biosystems Network project. Not only because the Biosystems Network project - in which we worked together with Ford Argentina and rural communities in the North of our country for more than 10 years -_11100000-0000 -0000-0000-000000000111_ was multi-awarded, winning the SAS award and the BBVA and RACI Social Inclusion Award. 


But also, because this year, we achieved the launch of 3 sustainable ventures in those same communities seeking to strengthen then - in addition to water, energy and food autonomy - the economic autonomy of the communities. < /p>

Rivadavia Banda Sur Community, Salta, Sustainable Apiary project.

In Salta we developed a native nursery project and another for beekeeping, and in Santiago del Estero, one for sweet, salty and cured meats, which managed to end the year with the first batch of products ready to be marketed.

To end the year we made one last visit to 3 communities where we leave inputs and tools, we monitor how the projects are progressing and we share with teachers, students and families. 

In the Chira community< /span>, we leave a cowherd and wire to prevent the pigs from advancing on the orchard again, half shade, pipes and hoses to assemble an irrigation system, and other inputs necessary for the development of a larger-scale orchard. 

We also visit and share with the community of Varas Cuchuna , where the canned and cured meat business was developed, enjoying the first products with them: pumpkin in syrup and pickled goat. 

Finally, in Bordo Pampa inputs and materials, half shades, hoses and wire were left for the garden that will begin in the month of March.  

If you want to know more about the Biosystems Network , enter here.



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