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Beginning the course of tree-planting with native species of Rio Negro

With representatives from all the ecoregions of the province, and the participation of provincial and municipal authorities, the course began to promote the introduction of natuve species as a strategy for the conservation and regeneration of biodiversity and the fight against climate change in Rio Negro. The course “Planning Urban Trees and Green Spaces with Native Species in the Province of Rio Negro” is part of the joint work between the Government of the Province of Rio Negro-through its Secretary for Environment and Climate Change.We are driving the Tree Week- MillionTrees campaign and the Sustainability Center- CeSus, to value the ecosystem importance of native trees, and to promote strategies for their correct planting, care, and conservation. The campaign also seeks to strengthen technical capacities of local governments to accompanyand improve the implementation of public policies linked to native trees, both in terms of their correct management and in terms of comprehensive environmental education strategies. In this regard, the course is part of the Environmental Education Program for the Promotion of Planting and Forestation with Native Species, promoted by the Secretariat of Environment and Climate Change and the Club of Rome Foundation Argentina. The opening of the course was attended by the province of Rio Negro by the Secretary of Environment and Climate Changeand Vice-President of COFEMA, Dina Migani; the Under-Secretary for Biodiversity and Climate Change, Federico Hollman; the Under-Secretary for Forest Resources, Fernando Arbat; And theEnvironmental Education ProgramManager, Mercedes Torres. The Executive Director of the Club de RomaArgentina, Gonzalo del Castillo, participated in the Week of theTree – Million Trees campaign. The members of the opening panel stressed the importance of the work that is being carried out jointly to give rise to this first course, and they reinforced the province’s commitment and conviction to redoubleefforts linked to the introduction and valorization of native trees as a strategy to address the challenges arising from climate change and the global and local environmental crisis.

Once the opening was completed, the first of the five meetings that will contain the course was formally launched, with the renowned referents and trainers in the subject, Mr. Eduardo Haene and biologist Mr. Daniel Gomez,who made an introduction to the general environmental situation, and a first approachto the ideas of urban green, biodiversity, and the essentialvalue of natuve species in the province of Rio Negro.



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