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200 new native trees in La Rioja (La Rioja) and San Fernando (Buenos Aires).

Last Monday, March 22, in the framework of the celebration of International Day of Forests and in commemoration of the Day of Memory (March 24), we carried out the planting of 100 new native trees (jacarandás, molles, ombúes and sen de campo) Together with the municipality of San Fernando, accompanied by the Rotary Club Punta Chica, and thanks to the donation and participation of volunteers from TetraPak Argentina.

60 trees were destined to enrich the Bicentennial Park (Av. Hipólito Yrigoyen 2400, San Fernando) and another 40, will be planted in the municipal area in the Nueva Esperanza branch, in the Delta del Paraná biosphere reserve.

These trees are added to another 100 that were planted last December in the Youth Park of the city of La Rioja (province of La Rioja), again thanks to the accompaniment and support of TetraPak to the Week of the Tree – Million Trees campaign, And together with the environmental authorities of the government of the province of La Rioja.

All the plantations were carried out in the framework of the #MillóndeÁrboles initiative by which it is sought to plant that number of native trees throughout the Argentine territory. To learn more about the initiative we have been driving since 2012, you can visit .



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