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Renewable Energy: Biogas Dome donated two biodigesters to the Biosystem Model

Updated: May 20, 2021

The company Biogas Dome donated two medium-scale biodigesters to the Biosystem Model and Native Plant Nursery developed by the Club of Rome foundation in the town of Escobar, Buenos Aires.

The Biosystem Model and Vivero of Native Plants of the Club of Rome Argentina, is a project in which we articulate, in circular form, different technologies and processes for the production of native trees and organic foods. We use the concept of “biosystem” to refer to a circular and decentralized operation that, emulating the functioning of nature, allows waste and waste to be transformed into inputs to generate new products and/or processes with greater added value.

The project seeks to investigate, design, develop and disseminate alternative modes of production and consumption, in which the generation of waste not assimilable by natural systems is minimized or eliminated, and that aim to strengthen the autonomy of water, energy, food and waste management, thus strengthening the resilience of the system as a whole.

The use of biodigesters is a sustainable and accessible solution to the lack of access to natural grid gas and the problem of increasing organic waste. Its incorporation allows access to renewable and biofertilization of natural gas through the use and conversion of organic waste, avoiding environmental pollution, leached in open-pit landfills and increased greenhouse gases. Unlike composting, this form of treatment allows the use of all types of waste (food, bosta and others) by easily and sustainably converting waste into valuable inputs.

In addition to biomanagement systems for biogas production, the biosystem integrates solar thermal energy to minimize the costs associated with food production and sanitary uses and solar photovoltaic energy for lighting and solar pumping.

If you want to know more about the project or make a donation, write to



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