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We are going through a civilizational crisis without precedents. A systemic crisis that is threatening on putting an end to the biophysicist system´s stability which made and makes life on earth possible just as we know it. 


This scenario demands not only the modification of certain productive and consumer patterns but, fundamentally, rethink the philosophical and material bases in which our present is erected. 


Today, covered as we are in the information and certainty that scientific knowledge and irrefutable evidence provide us of a global environment on fire, we know there is no future possible without an integral redefinition of the system as a whole: the way we understand and carry on the -economical, environmental, social and spiritual- development cannot simply be sustained anymore without being destroyed...  


We know it: we must act with depth and urgency. But also, with the same depth and urgency, we have to rethink, in our actions, the becoming of the human being in the world. 


Conversations Club de Roma aims to contribute to that necessary exercise of discernment that accompanies the emergence of a New Era in the evolution process of humanity. With special guests, we propose to add profound, different, and elevated points of view. Critical, but positive. Practical, and also abstract. Physical and metaphysical. Different points of view and thoughts that will help us to rummage in the deep part of our present paradigm in which, despite its indisputable quantitative successes, we must carry with the ethical responsibility of know ourselves responsible for the extinction of life thanks to the grace of our evil denominated “economic progress” and “sustainable development”.  


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