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The Model Biosystem and Native Plants Nursery is an educational and productive project located in the town of Escobar, in the province of Buenos Aires, where we articulate different technologies and processes for the production of native trees and organic food in a circular way.
The concept of "Biosystem" refers to a circular and decentralized operation that, emulating Nature, allows transforming waste and residues into inputs to generate new products and/or processes with a higher added value. In this way, the biosystem promotes water, energy and food autonomy, and waste management, strengthening the resilience of the system as a whole.
The project articulates in a circular way a native tree nursery, an organic vegetable garden, an edible mushrooms vegetable garden and a hydroponic vegetable garden, beekeeping, a mobile chicken coop, an insect hotel, solar thermal energy, solar photovoltaic energy and biodigestion systems, composting (with vermicomposting) and anaerobic biodigestion technologies for circular waste management, rainwater collection, a native fruit tree forest, a pollinator garden, agroecological products, solar pumping and a dry toilet.

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