We work for the Conservation of Nature. To do this, we articulate with institutions and public and private reserves committed to the conservation of existing protected areas, the restoration and regeneration of degraded territories, as well as the development of fair and inclusive agro-productive and tourism chains, with a focus on the creation of employment and the improvement of the quality of life of settlers, creoles and native communities.

To carry out this task we work together with La Ciudad Posible ( ), a certified B Corp company specialized in circular economy and regenerative development, and together with the Don Enrique eco lodge (, located in one of the last preserved remnants of the Paranaense jungle, on the banks of the Paraíso River, the southern border of the Yabotí Biosphere Reserve (declared by UNESCO), and in front of 253,000 hectares of forests that conserve the biodiversity of the region and that house the Moconá and Esmeralda provincial parks.

With both institutions, we organize academic and volunteer visits to work on the regeneration of natural environments and the preservation of tangible and intangible cultural expressions of the region.